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October 07, 2009

The History of Eggs according to Lauzun

As much as I love food I do not post about it as much as I ought. I came across this from the, sometimes dull, Memoirs of that saucy duc de Lauzun. It marks a ground breaking moment, to him and his party, in the forever interesting history of eggs:

"Yesterday morning, a day for ever memorable in the history of eggs, during breakfast all the implements necessary for the great operation were brought in: a cooking brazier, some new china sent-I believe, by you- some gravy, some salt, some pepper and some eggs, and behold! Mme de Lauzun, at first blushing and tremulous, but then with intrepid courage, breaks the eggs, crushes them in the pan, turns them right and left, over and over, with a precision and success quite unexampled.  Never had we eaten anything so good. The experiment was on a small scale, for there were but six eggs; it is to be repeated to-day on a larger number.  If she is to succeed equally well, it is an undoubted and superior gift."

There you have it. Scrambled eggs, omelets, a superior gift you should be so lucky to hold! The memoirs continue to include that Mme de Lauzun received 6 pretty aprons from her grandmother, decorated with lace for the 'triumph'!  I do not even have 1 pretty apron, but I think I should invest.  Suggestions?


  1. Yum! I love omelets and scrambled eggs. Pretty funny to think about a group of 18th century French aristocrats watching in awe over scrambling eggs.

  2. I love all eggs except soft boiled ones! In a Swedish cook book from 1737 there's a recipe for scrambled eggs with ham and it's about the only recipe that seems to make sense and is doable. But I just realised I'm out of eggs! Darn.

  3. I wish I got a new outfit or accessory every time I tried a new food!

  4. "in the history of eggs", I love it :D

  5. @evangeline Holland: I think it's a very funny scene to imagine! A miraculous event! Unmatched!

    @Heather:I need to attempt more cooking before I could ever expect someone to gift me an apron... Let's go apron shopping!!

  6. Didn't a mutual friend mention Anthropologie made aprons of some sort.