L'automne | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: L'automne

October 04, 2009


Grévedon, Henri, 1776-1860., French. Les quatre saisons: L'automne


  1. I love this drawing. I could see an interpretation of the costume that would make the sleeve stripes dark, velvety green against glossy damask gold as a sort of suggestion of the humble, but lovely squash. Then the bodice and skirt would be the velvet green with golden petticoats or underskirt. Shoes? Russet silk with pumpkin orange piping around the mouths and a motif of pumpkin vines embroidered all over in brighter, puce green with glittery little green beads dispersed throughout. Wouldn't that be outrageous? Then her purse, a soft, slightly rosy gold, rumpled affair, possibly mercerized cotton just because it is so fine and would wrinkle so beautifully, shaped like a squash blossom, to dangle from the wrist.

  2. And Paul, I would love to wear that creation!

    Lauren, thanks for posting this drawing. It's stunning.

  3. Isn't it! I am half thinking of creating Paul's costume!

  4. Hey, I don't do drag, but I am half tempted to wear that one, too. I've been on 'staycation' for two weeks and my creative juices are flowing again.