Making an entrance | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: Making an entrance

October 25, 2009

Making an entrance

When Louis XVI was crowned, his wife Marie Antoinette could have been crowned along side him, as it was an ancient tradition. Double coronation!

It was a tradition that would have been revived on the occasion as the past recent kings had not been married at the time of their coronation.

Due to financial frugality, Louis chose not to have a double coronation, if you will.  His coronation took place at the cathedral of Reims.  Antoinette would meet up later for the coronation so Louis arrived alone.  He did not need her help to make an entrance however.  He arrived in a carriage that was 18 feet high!

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  1. We see his glass coach? Where are Marie's glass slippers? Interesting detail about the double coronation that wasn't.