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December 17, 2009

Holiday Shopping: Timeless Fragrance

Any lady of fashion would be sure not to leave for a stroll along the promenade or for a visit to town or even to a friend's house without a small container chained to her person, holding her favorite fragrance.  If you are like me, you probably would love such a thing to at least throw in the purse (or clip to your bodice!)

Well here is yet another fabulous item to consider.  Inspired by these historical tiny perfume bottles, artist Douglas Little has created portable fragrance you will love wearing and carrying!  The container- silver pocket watches, which open to reveal your solid fragrance. <3

At just the right price (only $33) his Timeless Fragrance collection comes in three scents, all of which, meet my approval as far as 18th century fragrance goes:

Lily of the Valley
Jasmine Sambac
Tuberose Absolute

If you want something Antoinette would have loved, go with the Tuberose Absolute.


  1. Awesome packaging. Is the fragrance in the form of a salve?

  2. Lauren, do you have facebook? add me if you do :) find me as Anabel Salomone

  3. *whimper* oh I want!! The little containers are just gorgeous! I don't even think the fragrance would matter that mu...okay, it would, but they look so pretty! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Who released that other pocked watch makeup? Their's looks so much more plastic-y next to this one! The price is about the same too!

  5. That would be Sephora and I do not reccommend them. Mine broke on day 2. shoddy for sure! GR

  6. my goodness I must try for sure!