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December 01, 2009

Welcome to the 18th Century Bad Girls Club

The Plot:
As cheesy as it sounds, there is a show called The Bad Girls Club the premise is:

selected girls are sent to a mansion where they live together, drink champagne go out to operas masquerades and possibly a brothel or two!

The Cast:
The 18th Century Bad Girls Club and it is your casting call.  Which ladies would you most like to see in the mansion?   Who would survive I wonder?

*POLL* -->
Choose the girls you would most like to see *live together* on the 18th Century Bad Girls Club on the poll to the right and the poll on Heathers page.  (same spot)

aka Madame Lavoisier

This bad girl was always considered a bit bold in the public eye.  Far too often was she perceived as acting "too male!" *shock/scandal!* *Tomboy*

aka Comtesse de la Châtre

Every house needs your lady of loose morals. Charlotte did not let fidelity spoil her fun nor did she mind having men in her private quarters for 'conversation' *Playgirl*

aka Madame Lucifer

Born of a king, knew a thing or two about self-importance, and had no qualms about being in a public family feud.  When challenged she had a temper that, to some, rivaled that of the devil himself. *Betch*

aka Jeanne de la Motte

Skilled in the art of manipulation, trickery and being discreetly conniving for her own means are ways we can begin to describe this bright *Felon.*

aka Madame Grand

Catherine doesn't need men in her life, just their money. Sure she will date them, have them buy her lavish items, give her ample allowances- but they dare not live with her. In fact it is better they stay in a different country all together! *Gold-digger*

aka Madame du Barry

It is best for men to avoid eye contact with this blond beauty. 'nuff said.  *Man-eater*


  1. Marie Charlotte, divorce with children she seems the type to be on one those shows.
    Such a fun post.
    You have a lovely day.

  2. Bluck! Isn't the cast of these kinds of show more the attention-greedy bounders of MA's world? These types would be more in the league with the crooks involved in the necklace scandal.

  3. Well yes of course! But for our purposes the 18th cent. BGC would be *a bit* more classy -the bare bones of it remains ladies with 'tude! :D

  4. I remain unconvinced, mademoiselle.

  5. You, sir, have no sense of humor! *prods Paul with fan*

  6. I can only beg your forgiveness, m'dear, and your tolerance. *bows deeply, casting eyes entreatingly upward* My only defense, for what it is worth, is having grown rustic in my years away from Town. Perhaps I do not understand the new humors.

  7. Man eater! Lol Lauren. Love those bad girls. Thanks, LA