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January 07, 2010

18th Century Inspired: Accessories

Danielle at Rococo en Fleurs has started a line of 18th century inspired accessories: flowers! We have all seen portraits of the period where ladies wore flowers in their hair, on their gowns or simply presenting them in a basket; Danielle uses the color palettes and delicate brush strokes as inspiration. 

Her blooms are available in three sizes and she also makes headband blooms. Each piece can be customized when you order it, if you would like it for your hair she will affix it to bobby pins or a clip of your specification, or if you want to throw it on your gown just specify a pin!  The blooms are embleished with details such as faux crystals and pearls for a little sparkle and shine. Lovely!

I am quite certain she would be more than receptive to suggestions of flowers you may have noticed in a portrait, so do take advantage of the "Order custom item" request form.
My favorite? The du Barry bloom!
What would I like to see? A Rose Bertin Headband!

You can view her creations at her shop Rococo en Fleurs , she keeps a blog of her new work and she is also on twitter: @RococoFleurs


  1. Ah, so beautiful! I think I might get one...

  2. @Tian they are lovely! Let us know which one you pick if you do!

  3. Thanks for recommending, I just ordered two!

  4. I ordered the all pink Rose Bertin one, and then I had her make a custom one based off of a lovely picture of some flowers I had. I can't wait until they arrive!!