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March 11, 2010

The Duc d'Orléans

A description of the duc d'Orléans, and a little bit about the duchess of Berri.

"It is there seen, that incest was a mere sport to him. In fact, if his love for the Abbess de Chelles, his daughter, is not thoroughly confirmed, it is difficult to deny his having been smitten with the charms of the Duchess of Berri, whose hands, which were the most beautiful that a woman can possibly have, had particularly enchanted him.
He deplored her death rather as a lover in despair than as an afflicted father."
Mouffle d'Angerville, Vie privée de Louis XV


  1. He sounds like a piece of work, but then again, the Aristocracy moved in a different world from mine. Still, ewwww!

  2. I just returned from a visit to New Orleans and can't believe that this fair city was namned for him.

  3. New Orleans is named for Orleans site of the victory of Jeanne over the English, 30 May 1429.

    The Oreleanais have always been a bit off.


  4. I don't believe that he had an incestuous relationship with any of his daughters. He may have been a leach but he wasn't a pervert.

    ^^ how's that for a character defence lol.

  5. @Vic: I think it is very fair to say he was a piece of work!

    @Laura Ingalls Gunn- HA

    @Mother of Style: That is very good character defence!!

    I would love to hear what other people think?? Could Philippe II possibly have been a little too enamoured with his daughter??

  6. Goodness, I would certainly hope that he wouldn't be! But then again you know how twisted those aristocrats could get...coughcoughBORGIAcough

  7. "Mouffle d'Angerville, Vie privée de Louis XV"
    I'd check the source first, before I'd believe the quote. It may be correct, but it could be "political pornography."

  8. Well, we know he wasn't enchanted with the hands of his hairdresser. Wouldn't a kitschy ceramic bust of his head make the most awesome napkin holder for the kitchen table?

  9. Oh, oh, oh!! With salt and pepper shakers out of his hands, with fru-fru cuffs. Why am I always coming up with product designs on this site?