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March 01, 2010

Lecture: Music and Theatre in Watteau's Paris

"Antoine Watteau's art would be unthinkable without the culture of the Parisian musical theater from which it sprang."

Have you ever been to a lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?  If not, here is a 'chance'!

I have posted below the lecture given by Professor Georgia Cowart, on Watteau in reference to the recent exhibition Watteau, Music and Theater.  If you have 50 minutes to spare it is well worth it.  I know it sounds like a long time, but it will pass quickly!

She briefly covers his early background, when he lived with Crozat (a major patron of arts), as well as the works he was producing at that time.  Watteau was often in the company of musicians and he was no stranger to the opera!  She really makes it easy to imagine Watteau's Paris, particularity the changing realm of opera and it's influence on society.  Her slide show of works in the exhibition highlight all the little details and ways Watteau found himself influenced by both the theater and, of course, music!

The second half discusses theater, with a focus on the Comédie-Italienne and Comédie-Française.  You will learn about characters such as Pierrot (above) Harlequin and even his fetching female counterpart: Harlequina.  This is well worth the watch whether or not you were able to view the exhibition.

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