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April 11, 2010

Marie Antoinette Inspired: Cake

Anabel, from Trianon de la Reina, has just pointed out a Marie Antoinette inspired cake, and as you know, anything inspired by the brilliance of the 18th century is ok in my book!

Layers of cake, flowers and ribbon make up the five tower cake by Cake Coquette. (They have a great gallery of their cakes you can browse through.)

Check out the images and accompanying blog post on it.

What do you think? Would Antoinette approve of such a cake? Is anything missing? Anything out of place?


  1. this is so insane.

    i just threw a marie antoinette themed party and the TV show, "Cakeboss", made the cake for the event.
    So this was a 5-tier, 300-person cake. Although i can't show you pictures, i can say that it was remarkably similar to what you show above. hehe.

    how did it taste? sort of italian, but nonetheless good. hehe.

  2. That cake is amazing. I am just starting to read books about Marie Antoinette, and they are great.
    Love the cake, I wouldn't want to cut it and eat it. I would just love to display it forever to enjoy it.

  3. Yum and pretty! I would choose different colors personally but how could you go wrong with that cake?

    @Adam, So if we watch Cake Boss we will see your cake? Do you know when it will air?

  4. OMG so fab! I hope it tastes as good as it looks...

  5. as I am getting ready to watch the Tudors on showtime, gorgeous cake!! and Cake Boss is great! can't go wrong with anything Buddy makes!!

  6. Amazing. So lovely one wouldn't want to cut it!

  7. all i can say is OMG!!!!

    royal wishes,

  8. Now that sorely misunderstood comment of "let them eat cake" comes to mind and looking at that gorgeous creation it sounds rather charitable!