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May 18, 2010

Smitten: Duke de Levis on Louis XV

"He had the most beautiful eyes in the world, and his glance gave the impression of exceptional dignity, and this deeply affected me, although I was but a child when I saw him."

Duc de Lévis, Souvenirs


  1. Quite the fan!
    I hope he wasn't disappointed as time went on, tho he must have been...

  2. Oh my, his eyes have deeply affected me now...swoon. And so has Le salon de musique de Marie-Antoinette, I have been listening to it and will now have to purchase a copy!! Love your blog! ;)

  3. Madame de Pompadour was quite in love with him too. He was very handsome and quite kingly in manner, even if he was not the best executive the country could've had (putting it mildly).