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August 10, 2010

Marie Antoinette in the Round: Sculpture

Funerary sculpture of Marie Antoinette at the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis, Paris.

Sometimes we just need a break from painting.  In art school there was always a funny tension between painters and sculptors, although I can't tell you why! 

Here are some works that represent Marie Antoinette in various mediums: marble, stone, terracotta etc.  They really are quite lovely, and the likenesses are intriguing.  I am particularly taken with the hairstyles! 

The first image below  includes both carved pearls and feathers, and I also admire the detail in the necklace with a miniature of Louis XVI on it!

 Pajou, Augustin. Marie Antoinette
Lecomte, Felix. Marie Antoinette. 1783, marble. Louvre. Note the necklace has a likeness of Louis XVI.

Lecomte, Felix. Marie Antoinette. Probably after the Marble Bust.

Boizot, Louis-Simon. Marie Antoinette (1781)

Boizot, Louis-Simon. Marie Antoinette (1781) Photo by Jan.

Tibble, Antonia. Marie Antoinette #1. 2009. 

Tibble, Antonia. Marie Antoinette. 2009. 
Meyer Vaisman, Untitled Turkey XVII (Marie Antoinette). 1992.

Juicy Couture, merchandise packaging design, 2009.


  1. Very interesting! I would be interested to see the sculptures from the side, to see if they included her underbite....

  2. @Meghann Little Studio That is a good point! I am curious about it as well. If I see a good one of her profile I will post it. Likewise to anyone else out there!

    1. I know your comment is 6 years old, but I found one bust of Marie Antoniette profile here.

  3. Ships and bird cages... How did she stay upright?

  4. @Anonymous Practice I suppose! That and a skilled hair dresser who knows a thing or two about physics.

  5. This reminded me of a post I totally forgot to post to my blog! It has a profile shot of a sculpture of Marie Antoinette. :)

  6. @Madame Guillotine Thank you for sharing that post. The images are wonderful! And there ist he profile we have been waiting for.

    Check out the hair in this sculpture
    LOVE IT!

  7. I will admit I am more drawn to MA's sculptural portraits than painted ones! They have such a grace to them.

  8. Glad you like it!

    I was completely amazed by the amount of detail and whimsy that went into the back view of the bust. I now check out the back of every bust that I encounter to see what surprises there are! :)

  9. All that looks quite expensive. I'm glad I don't have to commission hair pieces like that for my girlfriend.

  10. I had the honor of visiting Saint Denis on a trip to Paris... not the best neighborhood but I am so thankful to have visited the resting place of so many.

  11. It's funny how painters and sculptors often don't meet but since I do both, I can relate to the problems facing each! I love the modern versions of Marie Antoinette - they are whimsical allusions to her.

  12. Those are lovely sculptures!!
    About the wigs, I read Marie put on her puff, accesories which described how she felt at the moment (cage,"traped") or a relevant circumstance (ships, "war"). I think the autors of those pieces of art where not only thinking on representing the Queen's face, but her spirit.

  13. These are stunning & delightful, thank you so much for sharing these. It's interesting, no matter what medium is used to capture Marie's likeness, her charm & grace always shine through & hold a prominent but not over bearing presence. I absolutely love Juicy Couture's packaging, that is too fun!

  14. My goodness, that chin! Lovely poitrine, to balance it tho...

  15. I visited her monument in the cathedral in Saint-Denis last year, where the first picture is taken from. But I like the marble bust from the Louvre best. I'd like to have a copy of that one. ; )

  16. That looks like a lot of hard work for Bouffant.

  17. @Parisienne Farmgirl & @Tinka: isn't there something just amazing about that cathedral? I love to imagine it surrounded by woods and land, a mere 200 years ago!

    @Ingrid Mida: The modern pieces are fun! A bit provoking I think...

    @Can't See Sheep & @Miss Honnete: yes, yes and yes!

  18. @Lauren: Definitely! Unfortunately the surroundings of the Cathedral are rather unpleasant nowadays. And I remember freezing my a** off, because it was sooooo cold that day!

  19. Can I ask where did you find the picture of the bust of Marie Antoinette by Pajou, Augustin?? Is it in France ?