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September 09, 2010

Could it be a redingote reborn?

Hello, lovely frocks.   I found these photos taken by badmomgoodmom, of my absolute favorite gown from Marie Antoinette (2006).  You may recall the scene where she is walking through tall grass at Trianon, in the morning *because she was wearing  straw hat! But let's discuss the garment. If you could get your hands on a similar jacket would you wear it? I am certain I would, it would be so easy to fashion it into a modern styled jacket!

And then I found... this!  If only it were a bit longer!

I am not sure how exactly brocade can be brought back, fashionably, but why not!  This fall jacket clasps in the front, with long sleeves and a cropped front.  The fabric is a deep burgundy (very earthy) with a metallic design through it.  I love the decorative buttons down the front and up the sleeves.  That is the other thing I like, the large cuffs of the sleeves

...Well that is it, I think we can get away wearing our redingotes out this season!

Jacket is not yet available, but when it is you can purchase it here.


  1. Dear one,
    there is an advantage to being able to sew for yourself. Nothing is out of fashion, if you can make it yourself and have the confidence to wear it.

  2. Good point Patricia!

    I also noticed this trend so I am happy you are posting on it. This fall is all about riding habits!

  3. I'd wear the metallic redingote in a heartbeat, it's stunning. I agree, a bit longer would be amazing. Both are beautiful, but alas, green is not my colour no matter how much I like it.

    I am a big fan of people developing their own unique style & wearing what they love, regardless of what the current fashion trend is. They always look good & have a stunning air of confidence when they have on the clothing that makes them feel great. You've seen these people on city streets, they're wearing vintage clothing but look so incredible in it it doesn't matter what era the clothing is from, it just works for them.

  4. Oh, fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! I love this! To answer you question Lauren, would I wear it? Oh yes!