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September 23, 2010

Famous Libraries: Build your own Marie Antoinette Library

It is nice to have a book shelf (at least) of treasured books that you love.  Even if you have already read them or just like the way they look. You may find you have your own mini (personal?) library at home. 

Perhaps you might find your library more special if you knew some of the same books also sat on the shelves in Marie Antoinette's library at her Petit Trianon?

So what books belonged in her library?

Let's start with a title from her History section:

Warens, Louise Françoise Éléonore de la Tour du Pil, and Amédée Doppet. 1786. Memoires de Madame de Warens, suivis de ceux de Claude Anet.

Where to get it:
Amazon: Mémoires de madame de Warens, suivis de ceux de Claude Anet (French Edition)


  1. What a good idea! Now I need to figure out what was in Georgie's library

  2. oh my goodness yes! Now contact Chatsworth right away, we can do thsi side by side

  3. Excellent idea, Lauren! Let me congratulate you on a great blog which I check everyday. I think this is a very original and interesting idea. But I wonder, how can you get that kind of information?
    Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. @Heather I really think you should try and contact them. It is an interesting question and even if they can provide a few titles...

    @Anonymous Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! An inventory was taken of Antoinette's library, and it is kept at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in the "Réserve des livres rares" department :o)

  5. Finally I found somebody who understood the simple pleasure of having at least a small Library contanning your favorite books, they look so pretty!

    Have you ever thought about buying the Ipad, Nook or another reading device? I've understood books are cheaper and that they contain a lot of space for them. But still reading "Pride & Prejudice" in a book is so more special. Am I a fool for saying this? Am I destroying the planet by killing trees?

  6. @Miss Honnete Yes! We love books!

    if you feel guilty about trees, maybe only buy older editions? I dont have an ereader for books, but I do have my trusted computer for it. There is something very satisfying about holding physical volumes. But I like digital books to for quick scanning and research.

    A coworker of mine said that she was hesitant to buy a nook, but finds she actually reads books faster on it. Maybe because you dont reach the end of a page constantly, its a smooth read. :o)

  7. What a wonderful idea! Heather, I would love to know about G's library. It's fun to read what they read. Katherine Louise

  8. I have just had the pleasure (finally!) of watching Marie Antoinette. I loved it, more than I expected. So beautiful, but also portrayed the resrrictions of life at Versailles--the order of dressing, the order of dining--and MA's search for a place of her own. I confess i got teary as they rode away from V for the last time. So many lovely images to dream on.

  9. That means I have to start learning french again. It's easy to forget after 8 years without studying a foreign language like that :-P

    New adress to my blog,http://historyandvonfersen.com, and I'm thinking about writing a short summary of each post in english

  10. @Anonymous Yes let's persuade Heather to research this further :o)

    @K. L. I found that film to be quite psychological... There really were very few lines spoken by characters! Did you notice?

    @Donnasandra I know many readers who would be thrilled for short summaries. But of course, only if you have time! That is a lot of work! Keep a translate button for users, if you can. Thanks for sharing the link I will update my blog list!

  11. wonderful idea! I wish would could have links to english translations if available tho. I know I am not going to learn enough french in the next few years to tackle these volumes on my own (being pessimistic i suppose)