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September 13, 2010

Modern Interiors: decorate in a historical way

Heather and I were playing on Polyvore, trying to think of some key peices for an 18th century-inspired room.  Clearly picking up actual antiques is not always possible, so we put together a simple option and a more pricey one.

and Heathers:

What do you think? I really think you could do so much with Heathers amazing set! Do you use Polyvore? Let's share our own 18th century inspired designs here! Post your creations in the comments if you have one!

Sets by:

Miss Honnete

Paul Miller


  1. OOOO these look lovely!!!! I love 18th décor and the challenge of mixing it with todays styles.
    Perhaps you would like to see "ma chambre" and tell me what you think?

    Bonne Semaine!

  2. They are great!! This is my first creation so, here it s :)

  3. Beautiful! I especially love that baby blue Swedish dresser!

  4. What a blast that site is, Lauren. Here is my first attempt:

  5. @Parisienne Farmgirl I love your chambre!! its so cozy and the windows are amazing! I would be happy there :)

    @Miss Honnete: I love your set! The pink, the silver vanity is perfect, and such a reasonable price!

    @Victoria Thanks! Isn't that such a pretty color! *and shape

    @Paul Miller: addicting...yes! I can't seem to stop making sets now. Off to check out yours!

  6. I am going to post the Polyvore Sets you have all made!

  7. Bravo! These are all so wonderful, elegant colours & such delightful shapes. The different texture's playing off one another. Simple forms played off the more elegant Rococo shapes, pastels played off almost jewel tones & the sparkle that the 18th century decor & fashion are incomplete without! The lines, the forms keep the eye busy for so long & so much to see in each, too fab! I think I'll have to investigate this Polyvore site first chance I get. Thank you for posting this.

    Wow, Paul Miller, I would have never expected Van Gogh in this setting but it works so amazingly well, what a treat. The undulations in his painting style are a seriously neat pairing for this decor despite starry Night being painted almost a hundred years later.

  8. Miss Honnete, yours is so pretty Oh my gosh, Paul Miller, I love it! Fabo, sir!


  9. Oh, le rêve d'une femme ! C'est merveilleux, il y a plein de délicieuses petites chaises capitonnées, j'adore !
    C'est si romantique... I love !
    Tatieva, painter to Marie-Antoinette... ;-)))

  10. I will update this post with more sets if anyone should make them! Just submit the link here!

  11. Here's another one...

  12. Paul's rooms look a little too polished. I think he's had some practice with this! ;)

  13. It took my sister and my boyfriend to make me realize that my real-life apartment is very, very girly Versailles. The boyfriend hates it, my sister thinks I decorated the whole place with the specific aim to scare boys away. All the colors and rich fabrics make being home such a luxurious experience that I don't like to go out anymore! I think posting pictures of my home would be a little too personal, but use your imagination! I did all of the sewing, painting, and reupholstering, proof that you can have a Marie Antoinette-worthy suite on a tight budget if you're willing to put in the work.