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October 22, 2010

Art du jour: A Quarrel Over Cards

 Chalon, Alfred Edward (1780-1860), A Quarrel Over Cards, Material brush drawing in brown and grey ink, with brown chalk, over graphite. British Museum.

"no form of gambling frauds are more numerous than those with cards. A thousand combinations are possible with them. Endless tricks can be played by the adroit and unscrupulous dealer of cards. Some are traditional, almost as old as the hills. Cards have been 'forced' with marvellous, incomprehensible skill: packs have been prepared and substituted with uncommon dexterity."

1899, Cassell.

May your weekend adventures have happier endings, and your gambling habit be honest!

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  1. It's all about the benjamins baby...

    I am not so acquainted with card games, I only know how to play: Black widow,21 and lately just learned to play bullshit
    DOn't you think poker is a little boring??
    Although it looks cool to play it, makes me feel like James Bond in Casino Royal :)