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October 05, 2010

Exhibition: Tyranny of Beauty

Marie Antoinette is "the height of sophistication," to Jean-Charles de Castelbajac who spoke about his recent exhibition to the Straits Times.  In Castelbajac's current exhibition: Tyranny of Beauty he aims to
"disembody Marie-Antoinette and turn her into a 21st century woman."
Heather recently posted on the show and all the reasons you may want to check it out!  I want to share a work from the show that you may be interested in....

This particular work of art features three busts of Marie Antoinette.  The question he asked:
What would a plastic surgeon recommend for Marie Antoinette today?

Castelbajac has created three different designs, if you will, each from a different cultural point of view: French, American and Russian.

The French makeover keeps the long forehead, but reduces the size of her lips, while keeping a very similar nose.  The American prescription minimizes the nose and lifts the eyes, while the Russian look features enhanced cheekbones and jawline with a petite nose.

 (1 French, 2 American, 3 Russian)

What do you think of his creations?  Would Marie Antoinette go for any of these looks?  Will you be checking out the exhibition Tyranny of Beauty?


  1. Both 1 and 2 look remarkably like Anna Wintour. Can't see MA wanting to emulate that!

  2. Marie Antoinette was so beautiful... I don't think she would have changed anything in her face. Maybe her body, when she gained some weight after her first pregnancy and the years before the revolution.

  3. One things for sure, I don't see her having gone for any of those wigs.

  4. I agree with mistress Boleyn, those wigs were awful, I've never been one for short hair.
    If I had to choose a look, it would be the Russian, but I do not believe that Marie-Antoinette would have approved of any of them ;D

    But kudos to the artist anyways, because it is a fun idea, and nice work done.

  5. she would've wanted a dentist more than a plastic surgeon...