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January 24, 2011

Cire Trudon Candles: The choice of Marie Antoinette

Birthday scene from Marie Antoinette, 2006.
I have been on the hunt for candles that wont leave dark soot marks on my ceilings.  (Although it may be nice, my walls are not stone so I really need to keep them clear of such marks!)  I asked around on Twitter to see if anyone had any suggestions and @wwmariedo pointed me in the direction of the historic candle company, Cire Trudon.

The company was founded in 1647 when a shopkeeper, Trudon, sold candles, constantly working to improve the quality of each one. His craftsmanship of the candles did not go unnoticed and by 1719 Trudon was creating candles for French nobles and the royal family.

The business was a success and the family was able to carry on the company.  The company famously catered to the court of Louis XIV and supplied candles for Versailles, commissioned by Marie Antoinette herself.  Today the company still makes high quality candles in their historic tradition.  The vegetable based wax burns for a long time and they use a pure cotton wick.

The scents of the candles are almost like recipes, they are layered and sometimes blended.  I am particularly fond of the historic varieties.  The company has made candles for Dior and also supplied the candles that decorated and lit the screen for Sofia Coppola's 2006 version of Marie Antoinette. Did you notice the candles in the film??

The picking of jacinth, roses, white flowers, wild herbs from the meadows and graminaccous plants, this bunch of flowers reminds us of an ideal nature, that of the Nouvelle Heloise and the country life dreams of Marie Antoinette. vibrating with the memory of a summer evening and the warm musk scent of torches, this candle is a homage to the Queen of taste who inspired so many candles to Maison de cire Trudon.
Head: Galbanum, cyclamen. Heart: Jacinth, Rose white flowers. Bottom: Musk

La Marquise
The cheerful and powdered air of a delicious boudoir: verbena and lemon stimulate the sensuality of the white flowers and the rose. This perfume at once tender and clever, keeps up all the sharpness of Madame de Pompadour's conversations and the voluptuous charms of the Rocaille chic.
Head: Verbena, lemon, citronella. Heart: Rose. Bottom: Cedar, Rosewood.

Roi Soleil
Fragrance of the Mirror Gallery and the vast wooden floor of the Chateau de Versailles, vapours of wax, candelabras and palace. This kingly and solar perfume blends a green and wooded wake of coniferous trees to the sumptuous dizziness of incense with a light ray of citrus.
Head: green leaves, eucalyptus, orange. Heart: fir's bark. Bottom: cedar, incense.

Versailles has recently begun selling Let Them Eat Cake Coconut candles, and I wanted to buy a few but they have already sold out, so I can't report back on them...yet.  But They are selling a bust of Marie Antoinette in candle form, by Cire Trudon! How fabulous is this!

There are several other fragrances and candles that look quite divine so I encourage you to check out the website at  Some other brands that I like include Voluspa candles and Bluewick.  If you have any other suggestions please let me know. If you try any of these candles I would love to hear what you think!


  1. Trianon sounds beautiful! I wish I could find a place to purchase these!

  2. Candles made of pure beeswax will not leave soot on the ceiling.I keep bees and most, but not all, beekeepers have tried candle making in the off season. The local apiary probably has candles available.

  3. @Anonymous Thank you for the advice! This is just what I am looking for then. I am still shopping around and I will look for some of these!

    @Kendall Barneys sells them in NYC :o) Also, you can get select ones from the Chateau Versailles museum shop online! If I had one I wouldn't want to burn it though! Just admire it!

  4. These are from my neck of the woods:

  5. So lovely, and the history is captivating. The Vatican will only use beeswax candles for just the reason Anonymous stated.

  6. @Diane: really! How interesting!!

  7. It is said to be that soy candles are soot free. They burn naturally and leaves no residue.

  8. I do the press for Cire Trudon in the US. You can purchase the candles over the phone by calling the store in New York and they will ship anywhere in the US - 212.677.1200 /

  9. Also, it is true, the candles are 100% organic, and the wicks are 100% cotton, they burn clean, and not toxic like parafin. I just had the creative director and owner of Cire Trudon on the Martha Stewart show. Here's the link, click the "Sented Candle How To" video on the right of page:

  10. last interesting fact for Marie Antoinette fans. In Cire Trudon archieve are all of Marie Antoinette's orders for the candles while she was at Versailles - even the ones sent to her while she was in the jail. Cire Trudon lit the last hours of her life.

  11. @Anonymous Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us! This is all very fascinating, especially the bit about your archives. Who has access to the archives? I would love to post about her orders, if you have any other information on this it would be great to hear from you -Lauren

  12. I have a couple of these, including the Sun King - absolutely worth the $75, the scent is intoxicating!

  13. @Sarah Which other fragrances do you have? The Sun King sounds wonderful!

    I was wondering how large the candles are? They are pricey but sound so divine and if you say they are worth it...!

  14. I LOVE these candles, they're so chic. I saw Cire Trudon giveaway on facebook

  15. i love Cire Trudon candles, they are definitely worth the cash!! the new stink bombs are brilliant. Im pretty sure facebook is still hosting a candle giveaway