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February 02, 2011

Downton Abbey Soundtrack

*Update September 21 2011*
Downton Abbey is available to view online once again! Just choose your episode below!
I wanted to share some of the soundtrack from Downton Abbey because it is so lovely! Here are 8 excellent minutes, composed by John Lunn.  Enjoy! Via @edwardian_era

Downton Abbey [Suite] by aaronmbuckley

You can buy the Downton Abbey Soundtrack if you love it (I love it!)
Also available:
Downton Abbey: The Essential Collection

If you have not seen or want to catch up on the series, all four episodes of season 1 are available to watch online for free (until February 22, 2011).  The online videos from PBS are high quality and the series is very entertaining, especially if you are snowed in (like moi!)

Downton Abbey Series 1 Episode 1
Downton Abbey Series 1 Episode 2
Downton Abbey Series 1 Episode 3
Downton Abbey Series 1 Episode 4

Other things to do today:
Check out this video of the modern art exhibitions being installed at Versailles [Nooks, Towers and Turrets]

Is pre-revolutionary French fashion making a comeback? The new Chanel collection. [Fashion is my Muse]

 Inspiring corners to retire to (nap anyone?) [the paris apartment]

The Gatsby done in Emerald and Gold [The Cherry Blossom Girl]

Have you met Lavinia? An etiquette queen with immature tendencies.   [The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide]

This is my favorite collection of historically designed corsets.  This is the Marie Corset (1790), I love everything about it. I own the Judith corset (1770) and it is amazing!! [Period Corsets]

Fabulous portrait of the day! As noted by Abby, pink powdered hair & lovely satin ribbon. [Stay-ing Alive: 18th Cent. Fashion Adventures and Ramblings]

Finally, @ArchivistAbby sent me the link to this very amazing piece of jewelry, a Gone With the Wind bracelet.  Can you name which scene by each dress Scarlett wears? It took me a while at first but I have them down now! Love it! [Victoriana]


  1. OMG! Downton Abbey! Last week I happened to catch the last few minutes of Episode 3 (channel flip, then "are those Edwardian dinner gowns?"), so I devoured them online. Episode 4 has me wondering what will happen next and how the war will effect the upstairs and downstairs. Oh, goodness--I don't think I can wait a year for season 2 to come to the states!

  2. @Heidilea I know a year is so far away. At first I was worried I would forget all the details of everyone's story by then! I will have to re-watch them maybe in November!

  3. Love how there is a portrait with pink powder *and* now I must buy reinforcers

  4. love the lady with the pink powdered hair.

  5. Thanks for the rave review of our c. 1790 Marie corset! cheers-Hilary