Now this is a Royal Wedding Gown! | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: Now this is a Royal Wedding Gown!

April 27, 2011

Now this is a Royal Wedding Gown!

Of course you all remember this gown, it hit the aisle at the royal wedding of Edwige Elizabeth Charlotte Holstein-Gottorp in 1774.  It is over the top, layered, full of silver spangles, and has a very detailed bodice.  The panniers are over sized, it would be no tough guess as to who the bride was.  Fortunately the dance numbers were accommodating to the dress of the period!

It is in amazing condition and was recently on view at the exhibition Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony.

 Now imagine it under the glow of a hundred flickering candles! <3

Johanna Öst, 2009. Digital Photograph. Website.


  1. It is beautiful and it is wonderful it is still in such good condition. I am surprised by the wide panniers. I thought those were out of style by 1774.

  2. That gown is allegedly modeled after Marie Antoinettes wedding gown

    (Its also unusual in itself as being depicted in a portrait of the bride wearing her wedding jewelry)

    Hedwig Elisabeths brother in law Gustav III was a major fan of clothes and kept himself informed of french fashions.

    So when his brother was to marry, he should naturally be married in highest style and his bride too.

    Im sure its not an exact copy of MA wedding gown,but close enough :)

    Id love to give a reference but
    I dont have the book at hand...and its in swedish :/

  3. The gown is very beautiful, but I had not imagined that the waistline would be that small!