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April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding: Wedding Bliss or Miss

 After rumors circulated that he was to marry Adelaide, the king's daughter, the Duc de Chartres' luck took an unexpected turn.  Of course, there was nothing wrong with marrying a daughter of France, but the suggested match never fully fabricated.  In fact, had he had his way, he may well have married one of the daughters, but not Adelaide (he had eyes for Anne Henriette de France!) The young duc, who was only 18, was hot on the market, and his father was ready for the boy to settle down and live a wholesome life.

Daughters of France aside, a bride was chosen for this bachelor duc, Louise Henriette de Bourbon Conti, who strutted around Versailles as Mademoiselle Conti.  She was absolutely stunning.  The couple had a winter wedding, December of 1743.  The ceremony was held in the chapel of Versailles (same chapel Marie Antoinette was married in years later) and the couple was married by the famous Cardinal de Rohan.  The entire royal family attended the ceremony, including the duc's old flame, Henriette (below).

Adelaide (left) Anne Henriette (right)
The duc's puppy love for his cousin faded quickly once he was wed to Louise Henriette.  The couple were enamored with each other, and they were not afraid of a little PDA.  In what was described as "ridiculous" and "almost scandal" the couple affectionately began their wedded lives in what can only be described as true happiness.

The Honeymoon Ends
The hot passion these two newlyweds shared started to fade a few years after they started their lives together. Six years after the wedding at Versailles, reports of the duc's living were less than desirable.  He was staying out until all hours of the night, gaming, and in debt.  He drank too much and hung out with society far below his rank.  Overall he seemed to be having a good time.

His beloved wife was keeping herself very busy with a lover, and was rumored to have several lovers aside from her constant.  This scandal was made public in 1751 when the duc finally told his wife enough was enough.  He made it very clear that she was not to see the lover again ...or else..she would be sent away to a convent!

Louise Henriette had grown up in one, and was not ready to go back.  She threw a fit and refused to even dine with her husband. (ps she was also pregnant at this point...but by who...!) Needless to say things didn't look so good. For whatever reason, the couple reconciled, but Louise Henriette passed away in 1759 just 32 years old. It didn't take long for rumors to spread that the cause of her early death was due to her unfaithful wedded life. 


  1. Sent to a convent! I certainly would refuse to eat dinner with him too!

  2. It would be for your own darn good!

  3. I don't think nuns should be subjected to me. They didn't do anything to deserve that!

  4. Wow, I'm surprised he didn't say insane asylum. Didn't they also send their "errant" wives to the asylum back in the day? Or was that not what the Royals did? lol

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