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May 04, 2011

Coronation of Louis XII

Louis XII reigned from 1498-1515. During his rule, he kept France alive by holding many royal ceremonies and rituals, proper etiquette required!   His coronation ceremony was marked with tradition; it began at Rheims, followed by Saint Denis and then Paris.

As he entered the city with both royal and city officials, he was dressed in dazzling armor, representing himself as both a military and government leader.  One supports the other, and the overall image was of a powerful man whose authority was not doubted.

He also had an overly elaborate tableau displaying a working of icons to represent his family.  He had inherited the throne from his late cousin, Henry VIII.  He claimed two titles as both King of France and the Duke of Milan, and his tableau reinforced his family’s roots in Milan through heraldic imagery.

Having this large image on display during his parade told the people of France (literate or illiterate) this proud and powerful ruler can rightfully claim both France and Milan.  And what a way to make a statement! The little sensitive spot, lay with the current Duke of Milan! Ludovico Sforza. oops?  It did not take long before Louis XII made his move.  He entered Milan in 1499, and successfully captured it, much celebrating ensued!

Names sound familiar? We have recently met this Duke of Milan in The Borgias (watch full episodes here) I have been watching the entire season, well made, great art references and overall a well done historical drama.

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  1. Nice post! I wonder if we will get to see Louis XII at some point. The show is still in 1493/4 (as of episode 6) so later events may not eventuate until the second, or even third season - if the show makes it to a third season!

    I'm also hoping the show will depict the Bonfire of The Vanities in Florence ... it will be curious to see if they'll involve Botticelli in any way.