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August 01, 2011

Always help a lady in need: Madame du Barry

The royal wedding between the comte d'Artois and the comtesse was elaborate and exciting, but perhaps not exciting in a fun way!

During the night's celebration a number of guests showed up dressed in fashionable finery.  These were no ordinary guests  - they were wedding crashers!  Worse yet, they were thieves!  They spread throughout the party and stole whatever they could, purses and even clocks off the mantles. 

As you can imagine, the sudden sweep of wedding crashers caused a bit of chaos/excitement, especially when guests realized their purse was not snug in their pocket.  As the excitement began to build, Madame du Barry found herself being swept off her feet, perhaps pushed or just bumped, she was knocked off her balance, skirts swinging!  Before she could catch her balance someone caught her and steadied her. 

The courteous fellow, perhaps acting on instinct, saved the king's favorite from a bit of embarrassment.  To reward his good judgement, Louis XV offered him a very generous annual sum of money.  So remember, always help a lady in need!


  1. An annual income for preserving Madame Du Barry's *snicker* modesty? Not a bad deal!

  2. Wow, recieveing an annual sum of money for "saving" Madame du Barry? Well, if I had learnt of that and was at court, I would hire someone to bump her over, and then save her. What a small goldmine ;)