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August 08, 2011

London Yesterday

Thomas Malton I, London, view of White Hall. Watercolor, mid 18th century. Victoria and Albert Museum.



Thinking about London for the past few days, particularly tonight. I hope all my friends and readers who are there now stay safe.  Such a sad, sad thing- the old city.

I love Lahndahhhhhn!


  1. I live near the affected areas and all I can say is that this is really crazy and dangerous.

    Yesterday, I was on the bus coming home and I saw a car burning on the street and people fighting with the police, gosh... I thought I was in Bagdad.

    Btw I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and I really like it.

    Keep posting please!

    cheers from London

  2. so sad to think that such a majestic city is in so much danger.

  3. @Adrian, thanks I hope everything is getting back to normal!! :o) Glad you are ok!

    @History's Best Dressed I know! so sad...