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October 26, 2011

Before an 18th century Ball #art

Jean-François de Troy, Before the Ball. Oil on canvas, 1735. The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center

I absolutely love this painting, and thought I would share it.  So much to do and excitement before a ball, you can feel the anticipation from everyone. 

Evening has fallen, and we are getting ready....the food, the drinks, the dancing, friends, fashions...!

The artist de Troy was known for the details he included in settings, furniture and fabrics. He painted in large and small formats and received a royal commission to paint a series of allegorical works for the royal apartments in Versailles in 1734.

He really captures the excitement of the moment, before the ball!


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  2. What a lovely little treasure this blog is! I'm thrilled to have discovered and even more so to see it's kept in regular update.
    You have won an estatic new follower.

  3. @Story Weaver glad to have you here! Feel free to leave comments or start discussions!

  4. I love this painting and always wish I was a part of the scene. Katherine Louise

  5. Saw this at the Life & Luxury exhibit! SO Gorgeous!!

  6. @K.L. I totally know what you mean!

    @Heather You are so lucky! is it as warm as the image appears? I swear you can feel the excitement of the figures...

  7. It definitely is! I teared up a few times at getting to see some of my favorite paintings!