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November 08, 2011

Outside of Versailles: November in the Fields

Master of the Months of Lucas, November. Tapestry, 1731-1743.

I love this early eighteenth century tapestry and wish I had a color image to share!

The detail is amazing, several men and women work together to sow seeds. You can see prepped fields in the background as a man sows seeds in the perfectly lined soil.  Further back you can see a man tilling the soil behind his two horses.  In the foreground a woman sifts through a large sack of seeds and an infant mischievously plays with a second sack of seeds.

I am still trying ot figure out what the two men are doing climbing the tree in the background, unless they are gathering wood or harvesting some fruit....send me your thoughts on that!

I also love the way the artist treated the border of this tapestry.  It is extremely ornate, centered with an image of Sagittarius at the top (this is a visual representation of November after all!).  The corners each have a rosette wrapped with garlands fall harvest vegetables and fruits. Lovely!


  1. This is beautiful. I think the men in the background are slacking off.

  2. I can't see the men in the background too well, but they may be climbing the tree to shake down nuts. I know this was done.