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March 28, 2012

Out of the Salon: Canada

I am travelling abroad this week & weekend to the exotic soils of Canada! Very exciting as I have not been in years...

I will probably be providing 'trip-updates' on twitter if you want to follow me there.  I just hope I get some fair weather when I get there (packing dresses only!)
Enjoy the week! Be back soon ~L


  1. I hope you enjoy your visit! WHat part/parts of our lovely country will you be visiting?

  2. @Jillian Trainor thanks! I am going to be visiting Toronto :) Very excited! I need to pick up a 'top ten' book for the city!

  3. Oh, Canada! I fell in love with this country 4 years ago, can't wait to go back soon...

    Have a safe flight and have fun!