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May 24, 2012

Queen Victoria's Journals are now online

Elizabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain, and Elizabeth d'Autriche, Queen of France: pen and ink sketch by Princess Victoria

Queen Victoria started keeping a journal when she was 13 years old.  She continued to keep her journals, writing, sketching, and observing the world she lived in.  These are now available online (yes even the Queen's drawings!)

An announcement was made today at Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth II launching the site, Queen Victoria's Journals. 

So take a step back in time and check out some of the journals!

The Queen remarked however, that her own journals would not be published!


  1. Looking forward to reading these. The exhibit on her life at Kensington Palace was a wonderful part of our study tour this past April.

  2. Ooh, thanks for this! I always wondered what Queen Vic wrote. In every miniseries or movie I've ever seen on her, they show her studiously journaling away.

  3. And now I have my new favorite time suck.

  4. ♥ Happy Birthday, Queen Victoria! ♥
    Thanks for sharing this, the illustrations are so pretty!

  5. http://www.queenvictoriasjournals.org/illustrations/displayIllustrationDocView.do?illusType=journal&method=display&FormatType=fulltextimgsrc&QueryType=articles&filterSequence=0&illustration=bt019/bt0190234_ills02.jpg&ItemID=qvj04612&illustrationDOcView=Y

    Have you noticed this lovely pic? Seems to me like they are wearing rococo inspired costumes! Also, I think Albert would have been a favourite courtier of Marie had he been born in the 18th century! :D