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June 13, 2012

Shambles at Versailles

Shambles at Versailles is an interactive online game where you assist Louis XIV's architects as they build the palace and it's yards.  I will say, the support and kind words of some of the architects really boosted my morning, I could almost do no wrong! :]

When I started to help out with The Menagerie, (at Versailles, exotic animals from Asia and Africa were kept here) Jean-Baptiste Colbert told me: "This is the latest craze. As far as I am concerned these ideas are fanciful and weird." Love a little humor!

Shambles at Versailles is just one part of the Versailles 3d project.  The 3d project includes scale models of Versailles during various years (here is 1624) and can be explored with Google Earth.

The website is full of interesting information regarding the palace, and honestly the video game is a really nice presentation of much of that information. Witty planners and architects can read you bits about the building.

I think the website is great. The '3d' project is interesting in itself, but I am currently more impressed with the Versailles building in Second Life.  Mainly because the rooms can be explored and 'walked' through.  There are so many great new projects happening that help you get a glimpse of what life looked like during the 18th century! If you know of any others please share them here!

Thanks @3pipenet for pointing out The Versailles 3d Project to moi!


  1. I love this Game, this is a wonderful/fun experience, plus allows me to learn along the way! Fun Fun


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