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January 27, 2013

Pride and Prejudice Turns 200 years old

Seems like a good reason to revisit the book!

A fun fact regarding pride and prejudice:

The now famous miniseries of Pride and Prejudice featured a portrait that Lizzy saw at Pemberley of Mr. Darcy.  That portrait was of Colin Firth in his role as Mr. Darcy. Just recently, the actual portrait from the miniseries went up for auction.  It was estimated to fetch £7,000 but it actually sold for nearly double that! The painting went to a major fan (had to be, right?) for £12,000!


  1. have Colin Firth hanging in your home...if only I had 12,000 laying around....sigh...I guess I'll rewatch P&P instead...

  2. @lucaseth Yup! /tosses empty wallet, turns on P&P

  3. Wow that would be so cool to have!

  4. That is one lucky, rich fan. (Though perhaps not as rich as before.)